By nature, surfers have an unusual desire to travel to the ends of the earth in order to find the next wave.  This pursuit often brings them face to face with a poverty not commonly seen by tourists. 

Groundswell Aid was founded by Roy Harley, International Director of Christian Surfers, as he toured the world and saw that surfers across the globe were getting involved in community development and social justice; both locally and as they traveled looking for waves. While in Australia, he met with Jeff Ryan, founder of MisFit Aid and as they connected Jeff decided to dissolve MisFit Aid and help Roy launch something new.  In an effort to raise awareness for these projects and help others go further faster, he appointed Zach and Danielle Smith to head up Groundswell Aid. 

We are proud to partner with projects who incorporate surfing as a way to impact their community, whether on the islands of Mauritius and Indonesia, or the coastlines of Chile and South Africa, our projects are working to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

We believe in asset based community development and let the local contacts for our projects drive the way we support them. This includes service trips, providing surfing equipment, promoting locally made goods, and financial assistance for specific one-time costs.


Roy Harley

Adrenaline enthusiast and salsa-making guru who enjoys surfing in speedos in cyclone swells.


Zach Smith

"Surfing Gorilla" and self proclaimed Chief Officer of Fun. His name is Zach and he likes to party.


DAni Smith

Ambassador for peace who is often spotted chasing whales in the ocean while yelling, "Cowabunga, dude!"


Jeff Ryan

Like his fellow Australian, the Tasmanian devil, he's high energy, loves spinning in circles, and has the life motto of "BFJ, Barrels for Jeff!"