Aleph Surf has been in operation for 10 years. 

When we began, it was to give kids from disadvantaged communities the opportunity to ride a wave and as they learn how to master the waves, they would in turn learn how to take charge of their own lives and their future. The heart of Aleph Surf is to give opportunities. These opportunities may come in the form of learning how to surf, receiving help with education and engaging with important lifeskills. The greatest off all these is the chance to hear about the Creator who made the waves as well as us, and the invitation to belong in His Kingdom. 

Surfing is the language we speak to engage with those we connect with. Aleph Surf is a resource in that we recognize that each person, no matter their background or culture, has endless potential that can be unlocked once they receive the necessary input and mentorship. For a seed to grow, it needs to be planted in the right conditions, thus each person has the ability to grown and be fruitful. Aleph Surf is the facilitator of these conditions.  

For us, the goal of surf development is not to make every surfer a copy of surf communities in California, Australia, or any other Western surf scene for that matter. Currently, surfing is a very globalized movement.  Aleph believes that surfing should be woven into the already existing cultural fabric of people and allow them to dictate their own surf culture, especially if it can be based on the principles of God’s Kingdom. Our desire is to see the rich diversity of cultures and people groups expressed in their own surf culture founded on the principles of:

  • Sharing with one another

  • Taking care of each other

  • Encouraging one another

  • The viewpoint of surfing as a privilege and not a right

  • Contentment and abolition of comparison

  • Stewardship of resources and environment

  • Promotion of sustainability and independence of locals and their economy

  • Strive for healthy families and communities

  • The esteem of character over ability

The hope is that the ocean is the catalyst where these principles may be translated into life on the land. It is exciting to think that surfing can be used as an agent of social change to transform lives where it matters most.

And to think all of this through a piece of foam covered in fiberglass and resin.
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