Groundswell Aid is raising money to assist the victims of Cyclone Idai.

Millions of people urgently need humanitarian assistance across Mozambique in one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere.


We are partnering with Cross Connection Outreach to assist their efforts in the communities they have been serving for over a decade. CCO is an organization that provides tools and training to empower Mozambicans to reach their own people and build their communities physically and spiritually.

The CCO relief teams are now working hard on the ground to rescue and bring relief to the rural villages suffering.


Cholera and malaria outbreaks have begun.

We as Groundswell Aid are raising funds to send water filters to CCO, as well as help them provide aid packages to families. They have their teams on the ground and are ready to go.

Cholera is a disease that is transmitted by contaminated water, there has already been over 1000 confirmed cases and the number is growing. The effect of water filters in the areas will be that there is clean water to drink, which will prevent outbreaks in various areas where CCO is doing their work.

You can also get involved. See our donating options below and pray for the workers and the Mozambicans.

We are seeking to raise $11,000 total. Our goal is to provide at least 100 water filters ($3,500) and 100 food packages ($7,500). You can provide one water filter or many, one food package or many, or choose your own amount to give. We encourage you to give generously to help provide relief for the millions affected by this devastating natural disaster.



Total Raised: $11,185

Please note: All amounts are in USD


116 water filters given so far

Any amount, small or large, will help!

$5,556 given so far


19 food packages given so far