La Red or “The Net” is a non-profit organization run by the Castellanos family. Their motto is, “Love God and serve your neighbour.”

They are a long-standing grassroots project that has been instrumental in empowering and uplifting the local community of El Tunco in El Salvador.

They accomplish this by improving infrastructure, facilitating education and positively impacting the culture in a transformative, empowering way. Their end goal is to elevate the local community’s quality of life by eradicating poverty, illness and social exclusion.

Current Projects

Net Church
La Red Community Church is an organic faith community built around the gospel of Jesus seeking to be spiritually empowering and relationally transformative.

Helping Hands
The Helping Hands program distributes food and clothing, medical services and assists with house construction and community infrastructure.

Little House
Little House is a family-focused program that begins with nutrition and health services but broadens out to include education and recreation. La Red provides a safe environment in which children and youth can participate in educational, recreational and motivational activities. 

Sharing Waves
Sharing Waves uses surfing as a therapeutic recreational tool that teaches perseverance and discipline, grows self-esteem and diminishes violent behaviour while promoting a positive lifestyle.


Instagram: @laredelsalvador