Mercy Huts, established in 2012, exists to benefit local people living in poverty in Indonesia through the provision of education, employment and financial aid. This will be achieved through the development of beachfront retreats for holiday-makers that give back to the local community. The first of these is located in Rote Island, Indonesia.

Inspired by their love for Indonesia, they hope to empower communities living in poverty in remote Indonesia. They believe in promoting human rights, preserving the environment, and helping create a sustainable, community-based tourism industry. They want to give others the opportunity to enjoy beachside holidays that empower indigenous communities - to enjoy holidays with purpose.

In 2010 they were personally impacted whilst visiting communities in East Indonesia. This region is the most severely affected by poverty and has the highest malnutrition and infant mortality rates in all of Indonesia. Locals live on less than US$1 per day. Tourism is currently being promoted in East Indonesia and can often have negative impacts on remote communities.

Mercy Huts is connected to the community by its own model of equipping with skills in hospitality and tourism. The follow-up projects planned in outlying communities come as the retreat grows and business continues.
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  • Education and training (capacity building)

  • All profits from Mercy Huts surf retreat will flow back into the local communities. i.e. community development initiatives, Mercy Indo, training, education, etc.

  • Facilitated connection with Sanitarium to provide noodle machine, sanitarium/training, and school in Mbuaen

  • Teaching English, training in food preparation and hygiene. Instruction in basic health and hygiene, nutrition; MH has aided in training for noodle production as a small business