Project Profile: South Beach Stoke

Groundswell Aid is honoured to partner with an incredible project started by Christian Surfers Durban called South Beach Stoke. South Beach Stoke runs a surfing program every Saturday for Durban’s vulnerable street kids. Every Saturday, anywhere from 25-40 kids show up ready to learn, surf and be loved. They start the day off first with the word of God, they listen to a lesson on being environmentally responsible, and they close with a big group prayer. Once “Amen” is said, the kids grab their boards and sprint to the ocean where joyful chaos and the pure bliss of surfing ensues for hours. After surfing the kids all get a full lunch - for many, this may be their only meal of the day.

Groundswell: "What’s your favourite part of South Beach Stoke?"

“I love what they do for us and all the functions! I love the people, the word of God and surfing!” Participant [aka stoked grommy]

“We are just here to be in His will. We are just so stoked he uses us with Christian Surfers Durban and South Beach Stoke; to give hope to the hopeless and to give life and direction to children. All of our kids are off drugs, they are in school and we can give God all the praise, the glory and all of the credit for what we have been able to achieve so far. We are looking forward to what He is still going to do for Christian Surfers Durban - for all of the community, and the street kids especially. Amen!” Willem, SBS Leader

"Lately, our numbers [of participants] have grown over the last month for the Saturday sessions! We have been getting more kids from a different part of town, which is great. We are stoked to report that due to donations we were able to help pay for school fees and supplies for kids, we received a generous donation to buy a new trailer for all the surf gear and we’ve received bibles and surfboards. Additionally, Willem was able to meet with the Mayor of Durban who is very excited about the work we are doing and would like to come alongside our efforts to expand the work! God is good." Kyle & Anna, SBS Leaders

Prayer requests from the leaders of South Beach Stoke:

  • Prayer request for transport (kombi, minivan)
  • Prayer request for gazebo
  • Prayer request for recent family that joined us who lost home in Knysna fire last year - that they find their feet
  • Prayer request for kids during their exam period coming up
  • Prayer for one of their young female participants to find a permanent family

Upcoming Events:

The South Beach Stoke leadership is looking forward to arranging a grom surf competition and implementing beach cleanup sessions before each surf session!