Groundswell Aid is raising money to help Pater Surf School get their project off the ground.

Our goal is 10 learn-to-surf boards to assist this non-profit endeavour aimed at helping disadvantaged children in Uruguay.



Pater Surf School is a non-profit surf school for children and teenagers of limited resources from La Paloma, Uruguay. We are seeking to raise USD$3,150 to help them get their project off the ground. The goal is to provide 10 soft top learn-to-surf boards.

Join the swell and let’s see if we can get Pater Surf School off to a flying start!

For more information about the project please read below.



La Paloma is the geographic point in Uruguay where surf conditions are just perfect. You can find diverse, consistent, good quality waves. It draws national and international tourists to La Paloma all year long.

Surfing has exploded as a sport over the last number of years but sadly this wonderful sport remains out of reach for children and teenagers from lower income communities around La Paloma. The high cost of buying or renting the required equipment limits them from experiencing this amazing sport, even when they live close to the most spectacular surf in Uruguay.

About the Project:

The project is focused on children and teenagers from 8-16 years old of low socio economic backgrounds who live in La Paloma and do not have access to equipment (surfboard – wetsuit) or pay for a surf lesson.

This group of kids live under difficult conditions; they are frequently exposed to alcoholism, drug-addiction, depression and even suicide is prevalent. Considering such a reality, the school aims to not only promote sport practicing; but also to create an environment of care, dedication, love, respect and acceptance in their integral growth through surfing.


Focus areas:

Children will have free access to a surfboard and wetsuit for every class, while learning responsibility and care for the gear. Further, Pater Surf School will give functional training in the La Paloma City Hall with the goal of improving their performance and technique. Once a month the school will provide a theoretical surf lesson, where students will learn more about the ocean, waves and surf history through movies, videos and documentaries.

The children will receive a healthy snack before training, class or any other activity, considering that most of them are not well nourished.

Spiritual and Emotional Support
The staff of Pater Surf School will teach Christian principles and values to aid in their personal growth; helping them to acquire solid skills for decision making, habit formation, and to improve their emotional/spiritual condition.

Every week the children will have the option to receive tutoring. They will sit under teachers and tutors to see better results in their learning process. They will receive help for homework, preparation for evaluations, etc. in different school subjects.

Regional Impact
Considering that La Paloma’s reality is similar to the rest of the towns in this region, the project will be expanded in the medium term to the rest of the coastline. Students from La Paloma will be able to motivate other children to be part of this adventure. The idea of Pater Surf School is to make their own students influence others talking about their own experience, how surfing can help them to overcome difficult situations and face their reality from a different perspective.

Pater Surf School seeks to impact the disadvantaged children of La Paloma by using surfing as a platform to connect. With your donation, Pater Surf School can realize their vision for this community and have a long-term impact on their lives!



Total Raised: $1,415

Goal: $3,150

Total Remaining: $1,735

Please note: All amounts are in USD