CSALT Visit South Beach Stoke

A few weeks back, a group of CSALT students volunteered with the South Beach Stoke project. They were able to help out with food distribution and a surf session.

Every Saturday, Willem and his team meet down on South Beach adjacent to Point Road in the city of Durban, South Africa where they impact the lives of 50-70 street kids, engage in their lives and by extension, sometimes their parents.

Here is what one of the students had to say about their experience:

“We replicate and recreate what we delight in. A roommate asked ‘What is nutritional yeast good for?’ It’s savory, it adds flavor and fullness. South Beach Stoke is the zest for downtown street children. Instead of matching every other group, the leaders decided to commit to every week providing a meal and surf session expecting absolutely nothing in return. Word got around, and around 30 youth, some walking more than an hour alone through dangerous trafficking areas make the trek to surf. It’s not just about time in the water or attention - it’s about instilling a sense of worth to that which was stolen, providing moments of refuge amongst crime. I couldn’t bring myself to comprehend how a mere 2 rand meant death. Death swept over a 5 year old for looking in the wrong direction. The fundamental problem is not knowing purpose and worth; if we can instil this we can bring hope that surpasses the challenges.” - Nicole Nason