New Project: La Red


We passionately believe that the best way to effectively deliver long term aid is to partner with an indigenous organisation operating at the grassroots level. This always yields a better, more sustainable, and more cost-effective result. We have an extensive vetting process and a slow growth approach to adding projects to the Groundswell Aid platform. Once this process is complete we ask the project what their primary needs are and then we leverage the resources of the surfing community and our network to meet that specific need.

So it’s with huge excitement that we say aloha to the La Red Foundation, a phenomenal project that has been doing exceptional work in El Salvador for a number of years already.

La Red or “The Net” is a long-running successful foundation that has been instrumental in uplifting and empowering the local beach community of El Salvador through life skills programs, infrastructure development, micro-enterprise and education. We are stoked to be able to come alongside and partner with them in their efforts and look forward to helping raise resources and awareness for this amazing project.

Click here to learn more about La Red.